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Hi, I'm Angie!

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Angie S-J

Years of Experience and Proven Results

My knack for bringing professional organization to chaos, along with my love for teaching, parents, and their kiddos, means your family and child's needs, growth, and confidence are my priority.   I have 15 years experience and professional history to back up and solidify the results and growth that blossoms within the family unit after my solution-focused interventions are implemented  in the home.

Family and Child Intervention (Coming Soon)

International Diversity (Coming Soon)


I am currently completing my master's in social work. I have my bachelors degree in social work and criminal justice, along with 14 years of experience working as a professional in the childcare industry with children from birth-16 years of age.  Included in this is four years of volunteer experience focused on child social development, 6 years combined experience as a paid professional, working as a teacher's aide and case manager for preschoolers and kiddos on the spectrum, as a high school teacher, and as an after-school tutor.

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