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Looking to re-vamp how you approach your private business properties, including Airbnb and vacation rentals? 

Our property management team provide systems and service to ensure your investment is well taken care of and consistently presented to guests with care and integrity. 

Client Testimonials

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I've worked with contractors off and on for 10 years and never had very many good instances, But John was incredible! Best example I've ever seen! One of the hardest workers both in physical work and the kingdom of God.

D. Christensen, Intern,
Summit Ministries

Beautiful place and great location.  House has everything we needed and more.   Very clean, cozy, and comfortable.  Would definitely stay again!

John is authentic, thoughtful, and versatile.  His holistic dedication to engaging the many cultural facets of work and relationship make him a valuable team builder.  From simple to sophisticated, John has a willingness to put his mind, heart, and strength into whatever task is before him.  I thought I was helping the man to pay the bills through some painting and landscaping opportunities, but what we ended up with was someone who helped to bring out the best in us.  When I think of John, I see a reflection of the Biblical character Joseph, who helped the kingdom to flourish wherever he was positioned.

N. Reitz, Director of Properties, Summit Ministries

Laura, a
Satisfied Airbnb Customer

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"Johnathan is a conscientious leader that seeks to do the right things the right way.  He commits great energy to improving himself and his teams and especially strives to identify what he can do as a leader to make improvement possible."

-Roberto Vazquez, Sr. Manager Store Process Design, Walmart