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Data Leadership

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Ready to make better data driven decisions?  I specialize in presenting methodologies based in data collected from your business, to guide you toward ultimate efficiency in your business model and your approach to the team you manage.

John S-J

Client Testimonials

John James has been the single most effective resource to empower and equip me as a manager at Sprinklers INC. John gave me a very practical easy to follow framework to work through and the results were immediate! The standard for upper management has increased and the entire culture of the company is shifting. The effect is even our newest most unexperienced technicians are breaking previous sales records. John helped me build a foundation to build upon and I have a clear vision of the future and the effects of my actions today. Thanks for being in my corner John!

-D. Martinez, Manager, Sprinklers INC.

Through his love for people, John has a God given ability to assess people’s talents, motivations and hesitations to come up with a strategic plan to apply them in the workplace to help them and the company they work for, to be more successful.  He is able to deliver even harsh truths with kindness, concern and compassion which leaves people feeling empowered, and optimistic. 

John has blown us away as a Reasonable Faith chapter director, bringing together scholars and laymen to tackle the biggest of ideas through lectures, interviews, discussion groups, and more. He's a man of vision whose leadership and intrepid pursuit of excellence has added tremendous value to our team.

-T. James, Int. Chapter Director, Reasonable Faith

-E. Peterson, A.P. Manager, Walmart

John: My Experience

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“Johnathan is always friendly and energetic! Overall, his interpersonal communication skills are impeccable. He has a calm demeanor and the remarkable ability to make others feel at ease when they interact with him. His capacity to establish rapport and interact with those around him is second to none. Furthermore, Johnathan possesses a very holistic outlook of health and wellness. He routinely works with others to improve all areas of wellness, including physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual. I believe this clearly demonstrates his genuine passion to improve the lives of those around him.”

-Ryan Donovan, Professor of Health and Exercise at Colorado State University

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