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"We work intentionally with our employees and clients to build holistically healthy, creative, and thoughtful leadership."

"Our profession is grounded in a desire and action to grow individuals, families, and businesses through long-term, process-focused approaches, backed by years of experience.  We are proud to consider ourselves a step in the right direction for like-minded businesses also striving to build a strong and viable local and world-wide community."


             J-A is committed to excellence through our systems and approaches.​

Mission Statement

  • Education:​

    • J-A is committed to building long-lasting skill sets in both clients and staff members, while honoring individualized and unit needs, based in research, creative approach, and time-tested experience.​​

J-A's mission is to demonstrate to our community and the business culture, the value of "S.E.E." This is a three-fold approach to meet and uphold the value and needs of others: 

  • Stewardship:

    • J-A is committed to taking world-class care of all property and people entrusted to us through our business, home, and family-focused services.​

  • Excellence:​

    • J-A is committed to employing and developing intrinsically-motivated and holistically-healthy leaders, who consistently deliver excellent and honest results.​

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