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Theoretical Leadership

"John recently joined us, in only his first speech the way he presented himself clearly illustrated significant speaking experience and a high-level mastery of communication skills. Both when he spoke to a group and personally with me one on one, I have been very impressed with his ability to express himself professionally, skillfully and smoothly. During his speech he presented a great deal of inspiring and useful information, he included powerful quotes and used several rhetorical devices such as alliterations and effective pauses, blocking and other advanced speaking techniques. In short, he is very good! I can highly recommend Mr. John!"

-Christopher J. Mortenson, DTM. Past President - Colorado Springs Toastmasters


-Beck Easton, Teaching Pastor at Iasis Christ Fellowship, Fort Collins, CO

“Mr. James is talented, responsible and driven. He has risen above an impoverished inner-city upbringing to become an impressive student, a valuable member of the community, an important part of a team and most importantly a man of character and faith. He is responsible for weekly teaching, student programs, and overall program development, all of which Johnathan has excelled. He is specifically gifted in the area of teaching. I have personally witnessed Mr. James take entangled, complicated topics and creatively present them to a group of students who retain and implement said topics as if it were an easy, everyday lesson.”

Can racism be solved?
John & Angie

Can racism be solved?

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Can racism be solved?

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