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Let's talk about money

Is money the answer?

If you live in America, then you live in a country with a unique history. This country was founded in search of freedom, which means freedom runs richly in her veins. Throughout history, millions of people have fled oppression in search of the same freedom. Are you happy with where you work? If not then why do you work there? Many people aim to answer this question in a noble way, saying that they do it for their children or simply because they do not want to start again.

To the first the response is simple, when did you start believing that your current job was the only way to make money? Sufficient money can be made in many, many ways. Legal and honor worthy ways simply require creativity.

In 2010 I was entering my senior year of high school. Family tension was running high because financial decisions by my parents resulted in us needing to live with our grandma, again. In total we spent north of 5 years on and off living with her. To make matters worse, things were frequently broken and that included her rules. In a moment, a calm evening once again became a raging inferno of emotion and anger. The camel's back brutally severed, we drove away holding what we owned into the unknown. No idea which state Dad was working in, we waited outside a friend's house while my mom asked a friend for shelter for the night.

Money was the answer, not in the traditional way however.

Our national motto is "In God We Trust". You could not imagine how strongly people have fought for this to be changed. Yet it stands. In that moment of confusion and sadness, I had been raised learning about this God. My thoughts had to swim vigorously to surface from beneath the waves of my sister's tears and wailing. A college bound all-american scholar who would graduate with a degree in science, I decided to run a scientific experiment on our national motto.

I had no money, yet the spirit listed on the money had me. I stared out the window working out the variables in my mind. Softly I encouraged my older sisters to quiet the younger. I invited them to participate in this experiment with me, as our current misfortunes provided the perfect scenario to test my hypothesis. "This situation will not break us, we will not be statistics. All our lives we have learned about God, now we have the perfect opportunity to trust God. All of us will go to college."

If I handed you 2 billions dollars, what would happen. Before you answer examine what just happened in your mind. Ideas racing for your mouth like dogs trapped in a small kennel. Answers may vary but answers have never lacked when I have posed this question throughout the years. Every person assumes that there will be a great deal of change. That is what we call "rich", people who have the ability to accomplish a great deal of change due to their wealth.

Sitting in that car, we had less than no money. Our family had debt and little income. Yet in the years to come we found that our hypothesis was correct.

The eldest sister suddenly stopped playing music, which she was second chair in orchestra, and took up debate. One win turned into ten, then twenty. She commandeered over 20 trophies and medallions, met the supreme Court and a letter from the Governor aided her entering college on scholarship. The second oldest sister suddenly stopped playing basketball, which she had appeared in state championships, and took up JROTC. One win turned into ten, then twenty. She achieved the highest rank of any freshman in George Washington High School history. Sophomore year she outranked seniors. Senior year she was invited to several major military academies including West point. She lead all 52 women in her unit during boot camp and even received a special coin of recognition in front of 900+ airmen. As of the time of this writing, my youngest sister just entered high school. I just found out this month that she suddenly stopped playing online video games, which she spent much time, and took up acting. One performance turned into ten, then twenty. She was just inducted into the national thespian society.

Our free country wanted to worship God, because that is where they got the idea of freedom. Centuries before they were born ancient writings show a God that promoted freedom. Here is a passage from scripture, Galatians 5:1, that illustrates that point, "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery." God gave our founders the idea, so our history has God's name all over it. This same freedom has been found by all races, genders and nationalities in unprecedented levels. I once spoke to a muslim accountant who worked for me on the subject. Upon telling her about our motto she began to spew lies. Visibly upset she called it stupid and asked if we can replace "God" with "Unicorn". To this I told her that we could but that would bring up two problems,

1 = Our nation would cease to exist, you cannot have an imaginary foundation. Our founding fathers did not have access to volumes of writings, empirical evidence or any logical substance from unicorns. Had unicorns been their motivation, this America could not exist.

2 = If this specific America does not exist, women's rights either reflect international traditions or whatever ethics may exist in some alternate "america". As a woman who fled dictatorship in turkey, she was well aware of what happens when you disagree with a dictator.

Ironically she does not even reflect a proper Islamic stance to the motto, as Islam believes in a God. A woman who oversaw millions yet, our money in large amounts does not bring wealth if it separates us from the one who created it. As a baby dies without care, research shows that people of little wealth struggle to pay bills, get educated and survive hard times ¹.

Yet my experiment has proven true 100% of the time for 8 years. Money is the answer, because our national motto on it points to the secret of true wealth. When I have placed my trust in God I have alluded death, overcome extreme trials and lived on the miraculous.I found the only person who has the ability to accomplish a great deal of change. This person's name is our found in our national motto and in our history of miracles as Americans. I accept as truth Dennis Prager's two basic assumptions.

1 - God exist.

2- God is good.

When I look at history, art, math, politics, science, logic and my own life I see God as the best answer. My life story is startling evidence of the divine.

Money is the answer as long as we trust in God.

¹ = Parker, Kim. “Yes, the Rich Are Different.” Pew Research Center's Social & Demographic Trends Project, 27 Aug. 2012,