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Like Two Posts in a Pod

What does your work say about you?

Angie and I have been blessed to see thousands of responses on our social media pages! J-A exists as a place for people reflect deeply on themselves, reality and the transcendent. The only piece we feel we have been lacking is the ability to give context to some of our thoughts. Most people we know live busy lives, so the quick thoughts we shoot out through social media work great. This blog will now be a place where we expound on those ideas we post, and the YouTube channel will be a combination of this blog and my family's natural dynamic!

In honor of our desire to engage critical and creative thinking, we have created three new categories of blogs: "Telescope," "Microscope," and "Mirror."

- "Telescope" blogs look beyond the natural and into the vastness of an eternal question.

- "Microscope" blogs offer a lens to examine others and ideas outside yourself.

- "Mirror" are made with the intent to encourage honest reflection on yourself and the beliefs you hold.

This first set of quotes we shared was neat because Angie picked the top quote, I the bottom, but they resound a similar theme.

And appropriately so, as we individually tend to view the concept of children from two different angles: I enjoy the psychological, individual focus of Angie's, which then is intimately linked to my quote-of-choice, which eludes to the macro-social implications of intentional parenting.

I really like this post we did on Scott Peck. One of the main secrets to my wife and my success is our use of time. Few people treat it with the type of sensitivity it deserves. Our society has constructed business into an art form, in that context, time becomes the rarest commodity. Universally time still has value, but in this system we have built, time is of enormous value. When you realize that, as Scott observes, we will see a change in you.

Finally, this photo at the bottom of the post was another dual quote. I think this is one of the simplest post design wise we have done, but perhaps one of the most powerful. We defend the pro-life position as Christians, and this post does it in an engaging way. J.K. Rowling and Dr. Seuss are known for their imaginations. To be able to use them in such a sensitive area was really neat.

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