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The easiest way to find truth

Have you ever put a puzzle together?

Dr. Marcel Danesi has studied the effects of puzzles on cognition for years. He concludes that despite definitive results, he has seen what puzzles can do. Dr. Zacharias recounts how human history has made major philosophical movements from rationalism to post-modernism. One of the major flaws along the way he points out is that upon reaching a new level, perspective was lost. Rene Descartes was one such famous philosopher, a rationalist, he was quoted as trying to reduce all of life into rationalistic terms. The lost of perspective comes as people take one aspect for reality and teach it as if it is all of reality.

Look around.

Politics is amazing for this, among other, logical fallacies. It is called the fallacy of composition. One isolated, rare murder takes place due to 1% of people following evil urges. The news then takes this 1 story and repeats is 100 times a day on 10 stations in 40 states. March 2018 Dr Zacharias recounts his own experience with this while protecting the identity of the news station and the representative he encountered. On a 14 hour international flight, Dr Zacharias was able to dialog with a famous news anchor. He gave examples and clear reasons why he does not watch the news. Clearly articulating the confusion induction, subtle seduction and ultimate reduction of people that comes from corrupt media. That similar to Jesus being tempted by the devil in the wilderness in Matt 4:1-11, three aspects of Jesus's existence was attacked. First it was the intellect, then the will but the final attack was reserved for the imagination. Ravi expounds to large crowds how the views of good and evil are flipped in the media. In reality evil is flat and boring, yet in media it is dynamic and alluring. Malcom Muggerich wrote on the same problem many years earlier and calls it the "fishbone caught in the throat of the microphone". Lies. As the two men stood in the airport awaiting their luggage the news anchor reflected silently on what had been shared with him. Finally looking up at Dr. Zacharias he made this statement, "You have traveled and seen the world, we entertain an audience that has done neither."

The result? Fear of a dangerous society where people are murdered in the streets spreads through gullible circles. The earth was flat, physics was relative, historians have biases, theories get disproven and people are publicly found to be wrong. In the middle of the chaos, Dr. Frank Turek proposes an interesting question.

Is truth knowable?

One of my peers, Andrae, is a very smart person. Intutivite and open minded, he has been a rare delight to converse with. Christian origins turned into pagan dabbling only to bring him to a cross road of confusion. Late one evening I asked him these three words. Volumes of information passed between us in the months that followed. The purpose of question was to begin a process, of bringing in all that we know of reality and taking a step back and seeing what is left. News stands for North, east, west and south. If true to its design it was to look globally and then summarize it's findings to report specific facts. Instead many false news outlets create specific lies and report those globally, not willing to look at the impact. Gilbert K. Chesterton commented on shift in media, how people have blindly begun to recreate in their own mind foolish lies in the opening statements of his book "Heretics".

If you start with an event that you perceived as earth-shattering then use that as your basis against God, you have two problems. One, you have the emotional wound of grief that needs your attention. I have researched and experienced many accounts were pain can break down reality more dramatically than the strongest opioids. Research bears that to not attend properly to your emotional wounds, while trying to think existentially about your broken emotional condition, has serious repercussions locally and globally. You thoughts will be more clear as you seek the proper help necessary to heal. I have lost count of the people I have connected to professional help, I have had seasons of my life where I was blessed from receiving such help. If someone was to blinded by the grief to maintain maintenance on their vehicle, eventually problems will manifest due to Newton's second law of thermodynamics. So many people have put unimaginable miles on their emotions, with no maintenance, and yet are so confused at the number of problems manifesting.

I am not that professional help, but like many if you only feel comfortable reaching out to me I will connect you with that help. You are not alone and you matter.

This leads directly into the second problem. The logical fallacy of composition. The blinding light of pain has closed your eyes to the full murale of reality.

Have you ever put a puzzle together? What is the easiest way to do so?

If I gave you a 200 piece puzzle and you flipped it upside on a table, pieces flying everywhere, and you simply grabbed a handful and attempted to just match them, would that work? If you did not even look at the pieces but just grabbed and tried to match them, statistically it is fair to say you may never finish.

As scientist, researchers from all disciplines, philosophers, educators and normal citizens of earth continue to discover more and more "pieces", this puzzle has now has far surpassed trillions of pieces. Holding a few pieces in the air and declaring you understand the full picture, is a violation of right thinking. Wildly grabbing pieces and hoping they will fit, is a waste of time.

Together we can slowly continue to combine what we know, and as the puzzle grows we can ask ourselves what we begin to see. This picture that has beauty and pain, love and logic, skyscrapers and chickens, countries and science labs, black holes and babies.

It is all connected, and as it grows it gets easier to see which worldviews simply cannot account for such vast, unimaginable greatness.

The final answer comes when we finally encounter the glorious picture, that ties it all together. The only worldview that I have found that produces enough evidence to sustain so great a reality, has been that of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The evidence from scripture and about scripture provide a coherent worldview that encapsulates all we know of reality, and a lot left to be discovered.

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