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Black Beauty ~ How To Thrive In The Marketplace As The Beautiful Black Professional Woman that God H

In writing this blog, I’ve thought a lot about what it means to be a beautiful black professional woman in the market place. With all the progress that’s taken place in the last 60 years...economically, technologically, socially, and professionally, there still exists challenges that black professional women face that seem to be insurmountable. And the question remains… How do we overcome these challenges and get to that place of simply thriving as professionals who are recognized and treated as such?

Common Theme of Challenges... Is There Any Hope Of Overcoming Them?

In researching articles, statistics and interviews, there was a consistent themed list of challenges that black professional women face:

1. Struggling with "Imposter Syndrome," a need to "stand in their success."

2. How to build alliances with decision-makers

3. How to deal with negative thoughts

4. Being confident

5.The desire and challenge of being treated equally

6. Building community; A Sisterhood

7. Generating revenue that causes you to stand out

8. Dealing with a "concrete ceiling," that's difficult to shatter (equal opportunity leveling up)--issues with race-based stereotypes, more questioning of credibility and authority, lack of institutional support.

9. Success factors (regarding exceeding performance expectations)

10. Building positive relationships using cultural backgrounds to enhance job performance

11. Strength needed in diversity programs

Great News!!!

I firmly believe that God has the solution that if applied, will help overcome every single one of these challenges. In the series to come, I will address in detail each challenge and share from the encouraging Word of the Bible how to overcome the challenge and live a thriving professional life, as the beautiful black women in the marketplace that God has called us to be.

Revelation 12:11 says "We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony."

I look forward to sharing the testimony I've gained from God's word about overcoming the challenges and thriving as a black woman in the marketplace with you. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you stay a while.



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