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Black Beauty ~ How To Thrive In The Marketplace As The Beautiful Black Professional Woman that God H

In this series, I felt led to address two of the challenges that most black professional women face in the marketplace, in this single post.

How To Be Confident and How to Deal with the “Imposter Syndrome”

You know that you are meant to be in the professional arena. You know that you are meant to thrive in your professional calling, yet due to the hindrances and roadblocks of race and gender, you find that it is difficult to stand out and confidently be you.

How do you walk in bold confidence?

I’m sure you may have heard this very popular Scripture in Psalm 139:14 that says, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

I often times think that we’ve heard it so much that it’s lost the effective impact that God intends. We live in a world where physical, social, economic and academic status quo significantly effects the black woman’s professional goals and experience, and it has elevated a lack in confidence for many talented, accomplished women of color.

But I say, “Take courage!” Even in light of the facts…Take courage!

Aligning yourself with the truth of God’s Word opens doors that no man can shut! The truth is that , “You are God’s masterpiece created in Christ Jesus to do the good works He planned for you long ago.” (Ephesians 2:10)

Genesis says that when God created the earth, that he created everything to reproduce after its own kind; meaning that God does not have to keep creating things with His hands. Plants and animals have seed to produce after its own kind.

Even though the man’s seed causes the woman’s egg to become fertile, Psalm 139 specifically tells us that it is GOD himself who formed each of us in the dark places of the womb. No other plant, animal, nor creature in the sea is created the way man is. I firmly believe that He crafted each of us. We are created in HIS image. YOU are a direct extension of the ALMIGHTY GOD. How incredibly beautiful!!!!

Dealing With The Imposter Syndrome

Ecclesiastes 1:9 says that, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

To name a few, consider Coca Cola vs. Pepsi…McDonald’s vs. Burger King…iPhone vs. Android…KFC vs. Popeye’s …Qdoba vs. Chipotle…the list goes on, and it has been so since the beginning of time. All of these are similar yet contrasting. But each and every founder of these companies had something unique that was contributed to make the company successfully stand out.

There has never ever been,…nor is there any other now….nor will there EVER be another you.

The message may be the same, but it’s YOU who is the differentiating factor. The precious masterpiece God has created you to be is what will set you apart. When you get a revelation of Whose you are, and who He’s created you to be, and most importantly the revelation that when He calls you to “the other side,” He fully intends for you to get there. The blessings of the Lord have absolutely no regard for any limitations. Keep your eyes focused on the truth of God’s Word. Be bold…be confident. You are who you are and you are where you are to accomplish the good things that He planned for you long ago.

I pray that you are encouraged, empowered and inspired to delve deeply into the Word of God, and learn more about your regal inheritance so that you can achieve the goals and dreams He’s given you to accomplish as a beautiful black woman in the marketplace!

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